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24th Annual
Conestoga Trail Run
Has Been Cancelled

Presented by YOUR Lancaster Road Runners Club

September, 2016

10:00 AM

The last 'official 12 miles of the Conestoga Trail System (CTS) are located in southwestern Lancaster County. These miles are arguably the most beautiful of the approx 64 mile trail and are home to many LRRC training runs, day & night, throughout the year.

2016 RACE APPLICATION: Will not be posted

START TIME: 10:00 AM, at Pequea Campground (be early to catch the bus!)

COURSE: 10 "Hillish" miles on the Conestoga Trail from Pequea Campground to Holtwood Park

PARKING: Park at the Holtwood Park parking lot to catch shuttle bus to start and for registration.

PACKET PICKUP: 7:00 AM at Pavilion #2, Holtwood Recreation Area, Holtwood, PA.

CONTACT: Race Director Bill Smith

The Conestoga Trail Race is run along this section and is directed by Bill Smith (717-468-3613). Billed as "arguably the toughest 10-mile race on the East Coast", Conestoga is open to the 1st 175 runners daring enough to attempt the challenge.

Participants climb nearly 3,000 feet and pass through one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in PA. Among the most notable are the Wind Caves (one of the largest tectonic caves in the Eastern US), House Rock Vista, Tucquan Glen, Pinnacle Overlook, and Kelly's Run.

The race is run point-to-point from the Pequea Creek Campground to the Holtwood Recreation area with a bus shuttle from the finish to the start. Water is available to runners at miles 2, 4, 7, and the end.

The LRRC frequently trains on various sections of the CTS. Runs of up to 6 hours can easily be put together running from various points along the trail. Those interested in something a little different may wish to take part in The annual New Year's Night Run which has taken place every year since 1998.


Can you run an 8:59:59 mile?

Record Male - Zach Miller 1:22:02, 2015
Record Female - Casey Byrne 1:38:09, 2002

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Coverage / Articles

2015 Male, 2015 Female , 2015 Male Overall , 2015 Female Overall
Pictures Here
There is a new Record!!! Zach Miller ran a 1:22:02!
23 Year Finishers

Recap by Bill Smith
2014 Male, 2014 Female , 2014 Male Overall , 2014 Female Overall There is a new Record!!! Zach Miller ran a sub 1:26:00!
22 Year Finishers
2013 Male , 2013 Female , 2013 Overall
21 Year Finishers
Recap by Bill Smith
2012 female , 2012 male , 2012 overall There is a new Record!!! Zach Miller ran a sub 1:30:00!
2011 female , 2011 male , 2011 overall The Oliver Patton trail kicks many people's butts. Bee's galore just before the first water stop. Smith!
2010 Age Grps by Evan Sandt the Oliver Patton trail makes a glorious return with a large tree requiring crawling to pass
2009 Age Grps by Karen Sandt, by Claire Chiamulera, by Aimee Harmon by Barry Decker wet conditions, no Oliver Patton, new Tucquan switchback trail
LNP Article by Barry Decker
2008, Age Grps humid, wet conditions, rain late
2007 very dry conditions

2005 Age Grps



Age Grps & top 10

Collages:  One|Two |Three | Some individual shots course included switchbacks before AS #1, & trail to pinnacle point before AS #3



Age Grps & top 10

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Page 1


Page 1

LRRC grp memb required for pics  

Page 1

LRRC grp memb required for pics  

Page 1

LRRC grp memb required for pics  


Name From Sex # Finishes
Jim Cramer Lebanon County, PA M 20
Bob Long Lebanon County, PA M 20
Andy Keegan Berks County, PA M 20
Frank McCardell Lancaster County, PA M 20
Dean Brubaker Lancaster County, PA M *15, died Summer 2008


Kelly's Run and The Pinnacle
Tuquan Glen
Pequea Campground
A Good Topo Map
Lancaster County Conservancy
The Thirstiness of the Long Distance Runner

23rd Annual Conestoga Trail Run
-- Ten HILLISH miles!

Sunday Sept. 27, 2015 - 10:00 AM
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10 Mile Trail Race
Trail Newbies BEWARE!

Smith's Challenge | Stoudt's

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